Why Nepalese?

The history of Nepali, seeking foreign employment, dates back to the war with Great Britain (1814-1816). Many of the Gurkhas, who were excellent fighters, entered British military service in India and in the British colonies, serving in separate Gurkha regiments.

At present, according to the figures provided by the Ministry of Labor (and Transport Management), over half a million Nepalese are employed overseas.

The Nepalese have gained a reputation for their loyalty, honesty, perseverance and a keen sense of duty.

Particularly, the countries of the Persian Gulf possess an enormous capacity of employing foreign labour in areas like industry, security and public activities.

The gulf countries were initially unaware of Nepal, till 1984. the Americans, the pioneer explorer of the Gulf and middle East countries choose to promote Philippines. India being as gigantic as it is also known for its huge population. However, it was under British Colonization. Therefore, the huge influx of manpower was brought from these countries.

Nepal was in total oblivion and hardly had the opportunity for employment in the gulf Countries. But because of the British who took charges for recruiting foreign workers in Gulf especially in Baharain, the Nepali, were also able to gain entry into gulf countries, as they were already aware of some exceptional qualities like hardworking, loyally and integrity of Nepali people, who are renowned as the brave Gurkhas.

Over the past few years, a growing number of employers from overseas countries are directing there attention to Nepal for recruitment of manpower to cope with the increasing requirement of manpower in their countries. The following are the lucrative advantage to hire Nepalese workers:
All categories of workers, professionals, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled are readily available for immediate placement almost in all fields.

Nepali workers are laborious and sustain their working capability even in the most arduous conditions. During the last two great world wars the Nepalese have proven their ability to adapt even in the most hostile environment and climatic conditions in any part of the world.

Nepali workers discharge their duties relentless, without any hitch and without any kind of discontent.
As compared to other manpower exporting countries, it is more viable to recruit Nepalese workers.
Regarding overseas manpower deployment, the government procedures and formalities in Nepal are comparatively simple.

Nepalese are peace loving, dedicated and extremely loyal to their employers and they have a high sense of responsibilities and discipline and discharge their duties accordingly.