Now, Nepali women to work in Gulf countries

Nepal has approved Terms of Reference (TOR) prepared by its Ministry of Labour and Transport Management (MoLTM) giving a green signal to Nepali women to work as domestic helpers in Gulf countries.
According to The Star, the MoLTM had prepared this TOR based on recommendations of the high-level task force led by joint secretary Purna Chandra Bhattarai.

Nepal had imposed a ban on it its women going to the Gulf countries since 1998, when a Nepalese domestic worker who was abused in Kuwait, committed suicide, creating a national scandal.
Many of them even ended up being victims of sexual exploitation and physical torture at the hands of their employers.
“There were several restrictions. And they had been migrating to gulf countries through various illegal channels,” the paper quoted Bhattarai, as saying.
“Now, they can go to any Gulf country through a legal process. This TOR is all about managing safe migration of Nepali women to the Gulf,” he added.
However, before sending them to the Gulf, these agencies must ensure that Nepali embassies in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and United Arab Emirates certify the demand for Nepali women workers.

Despite the ban, around 114,000 Nepali women are known to be working in Gulf countries currently, according to the report. (ANI)