Nepal’s envoys told not to overstay overseas

KATHMANDU: Minister for Foreign Affairs Madhav Prasad Ghimire today made it clear that all envoys who have completed their tenure should return home as per the circular sent earlier by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Talking to a group of journalists days before his visit to India, Ghimire said it was a matter of principle[…]

मलेसियास्थित दूतावासमा नेपालीको ओइरो

मलेसियास्थित नेपाली दूतावासमा विविध सेवा लिन आउने नेपालीको चाप बढेको छ । अवैध आप्रवासी कामदारलाई मलेसियाले वैध हुन दिएको समयसीमा सकिनै लागेकाले दूतावासमा राहदानी र घर र्फकन ट्राभल डकुमेन्ट लिन आउने नेपालीको चाप बढेको हो । मलेसियाले यही जनवरी १० भित्र वैध बन्न समयसीमा तोकेकाले वैध बन्न चाहिने राहदानी र घर र्फकन चाहिने ट्राभल डकुमेन्ट[…]

Now, Nepali women to work in Gulf countries

Nepal has approved Terms of Reference (TOR) prepared by its Ministry of Labour and Transport Management (MoLTM) giving a green signal to Nepali women to work as domestic helpers in Gulf countries. According to The Star, the MoLTM had prepared this TOR based on recommendations of the high-level task force led by joint secretary Purna[…]